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We offer a free of charge ‘career pathway assessment meeting for all employers who go on to be our partner worth £1500

Why Active Apprentice?


A typical casual member of staff in the Sport and Physical Activity sector will cost £17,375 (£18,525 April 22) per year versus an Active Apprentice hosted apprentice, which will cost you as low as £10,810.

Active Apprentice take care of the hosted apprentice pay, HR and contracts, as well as supporting them in their training.

Cost of casual member of staff


Cost of apprentice through Active Apprentice


How we Recruit and Employ?

Active Apprentice, recruits’ staff via the open job market (or traditional employment), employs them like any other employer, then Active Apprentice will partner with a host employer or multiple employers to place Active Apprentice employees with them to complete work for the host employer, as an agency would. All Active Apprentice employees will be placed onto a Government training schemes to provide training to support them and the host employer.

How we Place Apprentices.

Our Apprentices will complete full working days placed with you as if they were you own staff member being part of your weekly/monthly rota. Active Apprentice will support you with organising their annual leave, training and give back days. This looks like:

180 days working with the host employer. Completing the employer’s normal hours, days and shift patterns. This is spread across the year as required by the host employer.

25 days paid holiday plus 8 bank holidays.

38 training days away from their main job role, solely focused on completing training activities as part of their overall qualifications including an apprenticeship.

10 days set aside as ‘give back days’ where Active Apprentice, the host employer and apprentice will design activities to support their development. These may include additional training courses, volunteering, seminars and industry events.

**The above model is based on an apprentice working full time with the host employer. Active Apprentice offer a reduced rate models of 90 days with the employer and 45 days.


All our staff are placed onto formal training pathways that are sector endorsed. The routes that our apprentices follow is closely linked to the CIMSPA workforce matrix and could include routes as set out below as well as enriched training from one of the Active Workforce Network (TAWN) partners.

Once our apprentices have completed their training, they will be able to add more than just the skills they learnt on their apprenticeship, they will be able to add additional value to the workplace and their community.


At Active Apprentice, we have a number of training routes that you do when your start your journey with us. Below is a list of the qualifications and training that we offer you. These will support you on your journey into the Sports and Physical Activity Sector.

Leisure Operations

Exercise & Fitness


Community Sport

Professional Sport

Sector Skills Academy for Beach Lifeguarding

Sector Skills Academy for Pool Lifeguarding

Sector Skills Academy for Education in Sport

Sector Skills Academy for Fitness

Sector Skills Academy for Swim Teaching

Leisure Team Member

Community Activator Coach

Business Administration

Customer Service Practitioner

Leisure Duty Manager

Team Leader Supervisor

Personal Trainer

Community Health and Sport Officer

Sporting Excellence Professional

Teaching Assistant

Customer Service Specialist

Advanced Physical Activity Specialist

Advanced Coach Pathways: school, Community, Sports Clubs. Performance

Support Roles Pathways: Sport science, Performance analysis, Strength & conditioning

People Developer Roles: Assessor/Coach and Learning & Skills Teacher

Senior Leader

Chartered Manager

Operations/Department Manager

Sport Development Manager

Benefits of working with Active Apprentice