Active Apprentice work closely with employers to offer Traineeship programmes. Traineeships are short, flexible programmes that offer the skills and qualifications needed to get onto the employment ladder and provide the employers the chance to work with exciting new talent.  

Traineeship programmes combine technical qualifications, with employability and a high quality work experience placement.

The flexible programmes can last between 6 weeks and 1 year and aimed at young people aged between 16 and 24. We will work with you the employer to design a suitable programme incorporating technical qualifications beneficial to your organisation.

All programmes also include maths, English and Employability development training. Which then support the young person to progress into employment or further training.

Minimum of 70 hours work experience on programme and should help the young person develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and behaviours they would need to be part of your team.

As an employer, it is an opportunity to select the most appropriate Trainee(s) to progress on to an Apprenticeship with yourself as you can use the programme as a ‘try before you buy’ or ‘an extended interview’ process for employers.